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Artist Collaboration

We are firm believers in the art of collaboration, and know that, by far, some of the greatest songs of all time had more than one person listed in the credits. We have two recording facilities in Richmond VA, and fortunately with technology such as it is, we can work with any vocalist or music producer across the globe. In particular, when working with vocalists, we pride ourselves in being able to craft a song to fit the artist’ musical profile and personality.

Artist Production

We offer full scale productions for artists from song concept to mastered track. We specialize in the composition of songs that stir:  lyrics that are passionate, earnest and also keenly insightful; melodic and vibrant instrumentation that tugs at the heart and lightens it.  Our genres of focus include Pop- Rock, -R&B, and -Country. Harris and Roberts’ songs vividly depict the moments that define the human experience.  We believe that our expertise and skills would be an asset to you as an artist or to the artist you represent.



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