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Verse 1

I felt the wave rushin’ in

When I saw your hair in the wind

I watched the sun dance on your skin

And I swear I got jealous of it

And wanted to cut in

I came for the sun and fell for a star

Turn off the lights, you shine in the dark

I can’t walk away ‘cause I don’t wanna part

Without me telling you that I’d rather be wherever you are


Fireworks burn bright then they’re gone

Shooting stars only light up for so long

Then the boardwalk shuts down

Last chance, last dance – this is our song

Last night, first flight, then we’re gone

But you were mine all summer long

Verse 2

Maybe I got lost in the summer haze

Thought that we’d ride out in a summer blaze

And after tomorrow you’re gon’ be hard act to follow

It’s hard to believe no more you and me

We’re walking away



And I know you’ll fall in love again

I just hope that you’ll remember tonight

Don’t think about what might’ve been

Just know I had the time of my life



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