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Verse 1

You see somethin’ in me

I don’t think it’s there

What do you see?

And why don’t I care?

Much less believe

You could be someone stupid enough to be

Falling in love with me

I’m damaged; I’m broken

I got a hole in place of a space that could bleed

You got an honest face – hopeful and open

Let go – aint no savin’ me


Don’t love me ‘cause I aint nobody to love

Don’t touch me because everything I touch, I break

Don’t trust me, trust me, I aint nobody to trust

Don’t love me, baby, ‘cause I aint nobody to love

Okay – okay

Verse 2

Wantin aint the same as needin’

I’ll be the rock that you break yourself against

Baby, please believe me

I’ma let you down in the end

Aint a question of whether – It’s a  question of when



Promise you there’s gon’ be

Promises I can’t keep

You’re hoping that you’ll loosen my armor

Just remember I warned ya

You’d end up hating me


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