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Verse 1

There’s a man in the moon

We put a man on the moon

Hmmm, we put a song through a wire

And under two feet of snow

Something’s still gonna grow

We bang rocks

And we make fire

That’s a miracle


The sun’s gonna rise tomorrow

And it keeps on spinning us around

The moon aint gonna let the tide rush in

And everyday

People read the good book

But they never take a good look

At these – these everyday miracles

Verse 2

God split the sky wide open

And looked in

Hmmm, we called it the Northern Lights

And we wanted to fly so

We put a plane in the sky

Oh, we make love and we make life

Aint that a miracle?



And every star that we’re seeing tonight

Is really just a light from somewhere back in time

That’s only here to remind us

That nothing is impossible

If anything is possible

Then everything is possible

The man in the moon

Said to the man on the moon

I barely can believe my eyes

It’s a miracle


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