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Verse 1

It’s obvious that neither one of us is going anywhere

So I think it’s time we had that heart to heart

Since the only thing we agree on his how much we care for her

Then there aint no use in us tearing her apart


That’s your baby girl

And she’s beautiful

I might not look like much

But I’m gon’ be true to her

I wish you could get past the fact

I don’t clean up so good

I might not own a suit and tie

But sir, I’m far from unsuitable

Verse 2

And ever since she was little girl

You had big dreams for her

Some city lawyer would come and sweep her off her feet

And with eyes like that

She could’ve had any man in this world

But she chose me

It’s hard to believe



If you can remember when

you fell in love with her mama

You might not have been much to look at then

But you had love on your side

It gave you the courage to look her father in his eyes and say


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