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Verse 1

I’ll clap a little louder

I’ll hold you even tighter

I’ll let you know I light up

When I see you and

I’ll make you spend all night up

Say jump I’ll ask how high up

It’s whatever you require, yeah


Whatever you need

Consider it done

I’m ready to fight for your love

Till I’ve won

I’m bringing out the big guns

Verse 2

I’ll devote a lil more time

To complimenting your shine

I’m more careful with your pride; I’m

Doing it, baby

I’m learning how to say I’m sorry

And aint nothin’ wrong with speaking softly




Something’s been missing

I know now it was me

Baby, I took for granted here’s where you’d always be

Promise to handle your heart more carefully

Sometimes love is war, but I know for sure

What I’m fighting for

I’ma do what I did to get you

That’s my only strategy

And lately I feel so see through

I’m wearing my hear on my sleeve

Aint no secret; I’m screaming I need you

When you’re trying to hold on to the one

Gotta bring out….gotta bring out the big guns

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