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Verse 1

The first day of the year that summer rolls in

A warm bed in wintertime  that I can curl up in

The sweet smell of the autumn pines

Blowing in autumn’s wind

You springing in my arms

Like a sweet word from a friend


You are – You’re everything I’ve ever loved

Anything that touched my heart

I can’t believe it feels this good

And we’re just getting to the good part

Millions of moments in my life

But you’re all of the good parts

Verse 2

First time I snuck out on Saturday night

I had a blast and aint get caught

I made it home before first light

That same afternoon I went fishing with my dad

And he smiled at me and asked me about the time I had



That first time I ran a touchdown

With four seconds for the win

That was football in a small town

It won’t no ordinary thing

That first paycheck from my first job

Pumping gas a ways up the road

Spent the next four on a beat up Dodge

That got me where I wanted to go

Feels like that first day that you spoke to me

And told me I didn’t have a chance

And our first kiss by that old oak tree

Swear to God I wanted to dance

Swear to God I still wanna dance


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