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Verse 1

You got the heart of a lion

But you never made a sound

You’ve all but given up on tryin’

‘Cause it wasn’t working out

You got your eye on the sky and

You’re buying your ticket out

You’ve got one chance to finally make it off the ground


It’s the final call for boarding

Are you coming in?

It’s a beautiful day for flyin’

You’ve got the wind

So stow your baggage away and

Give your doubts the day off

You won’t know that

sky’s the limit

till you’re in it

You’re clear for takeoff

Verse 2

You had this crazy revelation

The world is yours

You said your prayers and meditations

Now it’s time to kick down the door

And there’ll be things you’ll miss when you’re gone

But keep an open mind for change

There’ll be things you don’t need to carry on

When you get on that airplane

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