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Verse 1

You’re underestimated

Keep callin’ you the underdog

You’re givin’ up on waitin’

You’re scared to care

Well, shake it off

Get your boots on – lace ‘em

They tryin’ to tell you who you aint

Put on your war paint, break rank, send in the tanks

Got a flag, gotta wave it

Got a chance better take it and


Get ready to run and keep runnin’

Betta get ready to come and keep comin’

Betta get ready to not stop for nothin’

Betta get ready to gun and keep gunnin’

Verse 2

When your faith’s all faded

And your keys don’t fit the clocks

With their stuck on labels

They try to stuff you in a box

Gotta go in guns blazin’

Throw down the gauntlet where you are

Give ‘em your war cry

Live or die

Flight or the fight

You givin’ in – hell no

Are you ready, set go???



When your dreams start driftin’ away

But you had your heart set on greatness

If they’re trying to put you in your place

Don’t be afraid of the path less taken

You better keep stra – aight – aight

And walk tall till your knees stop shakin’

Take aim – aim – aim and don’t stop

Till the need stops achin’


On your mark, ready set (4)



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