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Verse 1

So long, halo

I’m no hero

That bridge got burned

There’s nowhere to go

If I could back to where we we’re

But I’m lost in black

And it’s all a blur

I had your trust

And you trusted me

I became someone that wasn’t me

Still you stayed around

You helped me through it

It’d be easy to walk out

But please don’t do it


Stick around

Keep your hopes high

I won’t let them touch the ground

No, I won’t let you down

Verse 2

Where to from here?

Do you disappear?

Did you write me off?

Are your books all clear?

Took all your second chances for granted

Got no right to ask you to understand it

That fall from grace

Was hard on my face

Lesson learned

Crashed and burned

I could’ve gotten used to the ashes

But I couldn’t let you remember me like that



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