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Verse 1

Guess that home wasn’t good enough

Home didn’t do enough

It let you down

And you were too big fish for this small town

So you swam out and headed out West

What was that all about?

Found out even at your best

You can’t entertain and still be a part of the crowd

And you got sick of waitin’ on

What you thought would never come

Just bein’ here reminds you of when life looked like love and love looked like us


Welcome home, girl

How was Hollywood?

Did your lights shine as bright as you thought they would?

And if you wanna come back down here, you’re always welcome around here

And you aint gotta act, girl

This aint Hollywood

Verse 2

As soon as you packed your bags

I swear I just imagined you wrote your name in lights

I never wanted to hold you back, so I told you I was alright

But I wanted to burn every magazine and critic that put you down

I never understood why you get high enough

And they carve your star in the ground

And I don’t blame you for wantin’ to go

And how you never stayed in touch

I’m just glad you’re right back home

Where life looks like love and love looks like us – Yeah



And I’m here

Just let me know

Tell Hollywood you’re letting go

The best picture you was ever in

That’s you starrin’ you

Now you’re home; you can be you again

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