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Verse 1

First pair of high heeled shoes

You’re walking aint ya’?

So much pride in my smile

One day I’ll walk you down the aisle

Give you to someone that’s smiling too

Second year of high school

I know it’s tough

I wish I was beside you

Wish I could walk you down the hall

Wish I could help you sort

Through it all


Bu that’s growing up

Those pretty eyes are…..

They finally started opening up

Soon they’ll see

This beautiful world can be so rough


That’s why I been hard on you

When you can’t understand

And that’s why

Life aint perfect

And I’m not a perfect man

There’ve been times when

You wish I would just give in

But you’ll never break

If I don’t bend

There will come a day

You’ll let go of my hand

You’ll be a woman

You’ll fall in love with a man

Have a child of your own

Then you’ll understand

That they’ll never break

‘Cause you won’t bend

Verse 2

I wish I could fight every battle for you

I’ll have to learn to let go of daddy’s little girl

The same way I made my way through the world

But if you fall down

If you ever fall down

Reach up and take my hand

Wish I could promise everything will always work out


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