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Brandon needs a blog……

Brandon needs a blog from me for the website.  I’m not saying that in the present tense, as he asked me for said blog about a month ago, to which I responded, “Not a problem, I’ll get it to you tomorrow”.     I’m sure he took me at my word.  After all, us partnering up in music and forming Harris and Roberts was all built on the absolute that I am a writer, so why couldn’t I deliver a blog by tomorrow?   Honestly, when I said it, I even believed I would be emailing it to him the next day.   And, for this blog’s sake, I wish I could remember what came between me and delivering it on time, but I can’t.   I have a pretty good idea. It was probably a Saturday when he asked me for the blog, as we usually get up every Saturday to do some recording at his spot.   I figured the next day was Sunday.  No day job….throw a couple back and write something amazing. And I probably did, just not a blog.

I am a songwriter, i.e., I write songs.   I do that by choice, and I chose it because it’s one of two things I’m actually really good at…. the other being procrastinating, but that’s another blog.   See, if I was a great blog writer, I wouldn’t be worried about that last line coming off as arrogant, or even worse, pointing out a personal flaw to endear myself to the reader.   It’s really just the truth.  I am a songwriter.  I am far from the best but much farther than the worst.  And just as it’s a safe bet to say that all bloggers probably like listening to music on many occasions, I love to read a good blog.  But for me, as a songwriter, writing a blog falls into the category of “Yeah, its music related, but it’s not music.”   I’m actually ashamed to say that it falls into the category of “work”.   Now before anyone starts throwing out really mean words like “lazy” or anything related, please know that I think this is something that all artists feel at some point.  Even Brandon, who truth be told is much more “task oriented” than myself, would willingly admit that he would prefer to spend a day writing on his acoustic rather  than mixing a fourth version of a song that we wrote six weeks ago.  And when I say “artists” I am using it in the most complete sense of the word.    Alexander Dumas never said, “It was cool that I spent time writing and finishing The Count of Monte Cristo today, but what I really wish is that I could have spent my whole day learning how to build, operate, and maintain a printing press so I could print my books”.    Anthony Bourdain never said, “I came up with 3 amazing scallop recipes today, but, damn, if I only could have spent that time creating spreadsheets to calculate the average cost of heating and cooling a restaurant throughout a calendar year!” .   My point is this: The painter wants to paint, the builder wants to build, and politicians want to politic.  Everything else is just everything else.

Harris and Roberts.  I’ll give you guys some backstory on the whole thing in future blogs, because it’s really a great story.  But right now, although it took you about four minutes to read up to this point, it took me a few weeks and a bit of realizing the not so shiny parts of myself to get to the point of even writing this.  I’ll let you know a few of those and wrap this up.   Number One:  I know that I want to share my writing with as many people as I possibly can.  I know that in order to do that, I am going to have to change a great many habits and realize that artwork is as much work as it is art. Number Two:   There’s a saying that slips my mind right now but my boy quotes it often.  It translates to Know Thyself. Knowing what you suck at is just as important as knowing what you’re good at.  Mash on the gas and the brakes at the same time all day if you like, but take a minute to learn how they both work, and you may actually get somewhere.  Number Three:   Fear is real folks.  It’s not the popular thing to say these days with all the “you can do anything” talk, but not addressing it is not the same as beating it.  Maybe writing a song is safer than a blog, because you still have the option of choosing whether or not to be yourself.  Maybe it’s easier to keep your catalog of stories, paintings, recipes, or whatever at home where they’re sure to be appreciated.  But maybe we shouldn’t be allowed to treat our own art like the new band that we discover, tell all of our friends about, and then decide that we are no longer die-hard fans of only because, in truth, they got “popular”.    I’m still working it all out, but for now, at least Brandon got his blog…..


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