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I get the opportunity to do a lot of different things with Harris & Roberts.  Sometimes I spend the day as an engineer or I might spend my night mixing a new song.  Sometimes I play bass, sometimes keys, but first and foremost, I consider myself a guitar player.

I started playing and writing with guitar when I was young and when it comes to music, guitar is my first love. I approach writing and recording guitar tracks with an amplified passion that some might even say borders on obsession.  To be honest, I am pretty obsessed with guitar sounds and tones.  I consider each guitar track to be my way of creating a painting.  My canvas is the amp, my brush is the guitar, and the color pallet on which I choose my colors comes from my guitar pedals.

My guitar (brush) is the first link in my sound chain.  The approach, mood, and overall feel of my painting starts here. Each brush has its own sound and attitude. Some brushes can sound thick, some sound thin; all of them create my unique expression of that sound just by how hard or soft I play them.  My painting begins to take its shape once I have chosen my guitar.  The next link in the chain is my effect pedal (color). Each pedal adds its own color to the sound coming from my guitar. I can combine and blend more than one color to create an entirely new and never heard before effect.  The colors that I choose and create really add to the mood of my painting.  My amp (canvas) is the backdrop: the last link in my sound chain.  My canvas has its own sound and attitude but by itself is blank until I paint on it. When all three (brush, color, and canvas) come together to create a great guitar track, it is a very beautiful thing.  So even though you may find me wearing a great many hats in my “art” studio; I am the happiest with a blank canvas, a couple of brushes, and three or four colors to mix-and-match as I please.



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